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Let’s Dive In: Part 2 – How Are Fish Farmed?

November 17, 2023

The fastest growing food production sector starts with eggs – and I’m not talking chickens. Eggs are the first step in the fascinating journey fish of many tasty varieties take to get to our plates. Join me in Part 2 of “Let’s Dive In,” my four-part series on aquaculture, where I detail how fish are farmed – from hatchery to harvest.

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Let’s Dive In: Part 1 – Why are Fish Farmed?

October 30, 2023

As a veterinarian, I’ve spent my career working with pigs, cattle, chickens and the like. Throw a question at me about those species and I’ll likely have an answer. But when it comes to aquaculture? Well, let’s just say I’m a fish out of water. That’s why I was excited to have a conversation with…

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Sustainable Eggs: A New Approach Hatched in Indiana

October 6, 2023

Standard Grade A. Pasture-raised. Cage-free. Free-range. Organic. Omega-3 enhanced. Vegetarian-fed.   Stop by the egg section at your local grocer and there’s a mind-boggling variety to choose from. Most are distinguished by where and how hens are raised and allow today’s discerning consumers to purchase eggs based on their preferences and values.    Now, there’s a new…

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