The Evolution of Animal Agriculture

Explore how farm animal care connects to a healthy food supply and environment

It is important to provide a window into the world of animal agriculture, knowing 98% of the U.S. population has no direct connection to agriculture. You’re invited to explore the blogs, videos and information on this site, which highlight advances in animal care, dispel myths and outline some of the challenges and opportunities ahead. Send questions and comments to Dr. Leah Dorman at


How Antibiotics are Used

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Let’s Dive In: Part 2 – How Are Fish Farmed?

The fastest growing food production sector starts with eggs – and I’m not talking chickens. Eggs are the first step in the fascinating journey fish of many tasty varieties take to get to our plates. Join me in Part 2 of “Let’s Dive In,” my four-part series on aquaculture, where I detail how fish are farmed – from hatchery to harvest. Read More


Let’s Dive In: Part 1 – Why are Fish Farmed?

As a veterinarian, I’ve spent my career working with pigs, cattle, chickens and the like. Throw a question at me Read More


Sustainable Eggs: A New Approach Hatched in Indiana

Standard Grade A. Pasture-raised. Cage-free. Free-range. Organic. Omega-3 enhanced. Vegetarian-fed.   Stop by the egg section at your local grocer and Read More

People, Animals & Planet

Never before have experts in human health, animal health and environmental health understood, as well as we do today, the deep connections between all three. Learn about the “One Health” approach to see the world differently.

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