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Let’s Dive In: Part 2 – How Are Fish Farmed?

November 17, 2023

The fastest growing food production sector starts with eggs – and I’m not talking chickens. Eggs are the first step in the fascinating journey fish of many tasty varieties take to get to our plates. Join me in Part 2 of “Let’s Dive In,” my four-part series on aquaculture, where I detail how fish are farmed – from hatchery to harvest.

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Let’s Dive In: Part 1 – Why are Fish Farmed?

October 30, 2023

As a veterinarian, I’ve spent my career working with pigs, cattle, chickens and the like. Throw a question at me about those species and I’ll likely have an answer. But when it comes to aquaculture? Well, let’s just say I’m a fish out of water. That’s why I was excited to have a conversation with…

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Dr. Dorman Asks: Is it okay to eat farmed fish?

August 19, 2021

Fish is a wonderful protein option, but how are fish raised? An aquaculture expert answers some common questions about farmed fish.

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