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How are antibiotics in agriculture being used in 2017?

November 13, 2017

The use of antibiotics in animal agriculture is an important factor in providing the safe, affordable food we need and want. At the same time, antibiotic resistance is a complex and serious issue. That’s why farmers, veterinarians and regulators, principally the Food and Drug Administration, collaborated to address antibiotic resistance, changing the way animal agriculture operates today.

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New year brings changes: Farmers and veterinarians must work even closer together to use antibiotics responsibly

December 22, 2016

New Food and Drug Administration guidance that goes into effect Jan. 1, 2017, will end the use of antibiotics important to human medicine to promote growth in animals or to improve feed efficiency, and require veterinary oversight for the use of medically important antibiotics in animal agriculture.

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Animal Health Community Embraces Changes to Ensure Responsible Use of Antibiotics

March 14, 2016

New rules and guidelines are coming into effect to govern the use of antibiotics for animal agriculture, supported by farmers, veterinarians and the animal health community, as we do our part to ensure responsible use of antibiotics. Bottom line: making these changes is the right thing to do. For example, the animal health community has…

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