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Ag is Stepping Up to Better Understand Antibiotic Resistance

October 2, 2018

A new institute is being created to improve health for people, animals and the environment through the study of antibiotic use and resistance. With future effectiveness of some antibiotics in question, the new center is a positive sign we’ve moved beyond finger-pointing. Learn more about it in my latest blog.

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How is Your Health Connected to People Around the Globe?

April 9, 2018

You’ve probably heard the expression “the world is getting smaller.” Although it may not be true in a literal sense, we are more connected than ever before to people, animals and the environment around the globe. That’s why the One Health international initiative is so important. My latest blog examines its purpose and significance through both a human health and animal health lens.

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Organizations worldwide work together to fight antibiotic resistance

February 12, 2018

Is anyone paying attention to antibiotic resistance? You might wonder during lulls between headlines whether others share your concern about antibiotics working when you or your kids need them. Don’t be concerned. All may seem quiet, but beneath the surface is a worldwide network of agencies and programs keeping close watch and working to address antibiotic resistance.

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