Deep in the Heart of Texas: Gen Zs Explore Sustainable Beef

May 23, 2023

Food is personal. We consume it, feed it to our families and make it the star of many special events. But as integral as it is to our lives, most people never get the opportunity to see first-hand where it comes from or meet the people growing and raising it.   

As a veterinarian, I was thrilled to be a part of the Best Food Facts TASTE Tour in and around San Antonio, Texas, where Gen Z food and Gen Z farmer online influencers got a backstage pass to learn about sustainable beef, about the commitment that goes into ensuring the animals and the environment are healthy, and how to cook with various cuts of nutritious beef. Gen Zs are a unique generation with a distinct set of beliefs, behaviors, fears and perspectives. They are more interested than other generations in food production and how it impacts people, animals and our planet, and they want to know that those who produce it share their values. Tours like these allow agriculture to showcase those values.  

Gen Z participants had access to a farmer, a veterinarian, a dietitian, meat cutter and more to get their questions answered through authentic, transparent conversations – helping them understand what it takes to get food from farms to their forks. 

The influencers were most impressed with the quality feed provided and the care given to cattle each and every day. Overall, they seemed to be more comfortable with their food and where it comes from.  

But the learning didn’t stop there. It goes both ways. One of the most enjoyable aspects of engaging with consumers is simply listening. I always learn something new – like I did in Texas – about what’s in their hearts, what’s on their minds and what questions I can answer to help them make informed decisions when it comes to food.    

I invite you to click here for a glimpse of this three-day adventure and the discoveries made along the way!    

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