Cow Comfort is Top of Mind for Dairy Farmers

June 17, 2016

I’ll bet you didn’t know that cows have super-powers. They certainly don’t look like a super hero – they don’t wear a cape (they’d eat it or their herdmates would) and it’s impossible to find a unitard to fit a four legged creature that weighs 1500 lbs.    They don’t have X-ray vision and they can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound, although I have seen them jump over fences I never thought they could clear.  Their super-power is taking things we humans can’t eat, like corn silage, hay or grass, and turning it into something delicious that we can eat, like butter, ice cream and yogurt.

But, what does it take to help these cows produce nutritious milk so we can enjoy all those scrumptious dairy products?  The short answer is, farmers who take great care of their herds.

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